Recreational Skippers Ticket (WA 'Boat Licence')

  • RST 7 days a week guaranteed the only one in WA - Sunrise to sunset
  • easy ONLINE BOOKING INSTANT - SECURE - automated
  • easy pay (Bankwest/eWay system -  online Credit Card payment or over the phone )
  •  or pay cash on the day
  • the ONLY one that will do it when YOU want and where YOU want
  • YOU choose - do you want the BEST comprehensive Skippers Ticket training course in WA
  • or the CHEAPEST fast-track option for experienced boaters - we do BOTH !!
  • Perth Boat School is the ONLY Boat School in WA with National Training Accreditation
  • and we are the ONLY Boat School qualified and carrying out BOTH Commercial and Recreational courses
 Of course - We MATCH any other prices / locations / courses - we do it ALL
choose "Price Match" in the booking form -
 tell us the details and where to find the offer
and we will match it - no matter how weird it is !!!
       PERTH BOAT SCHOOL GUARANTEE  - we will train you till you PASS and get your Skippers Ticket.

Courses are done 7 days a week, you take around 90 minutes for the Standard Course.
Mobile assessors can be ordered online - they come to you 24/7.
Yes... our mobile trainers will come to you - WHENEVER and WHEREVER YOU WANT...
*... (Sat mornings / Holidays are peak times however so may need a little flexibility...) 

  Us our boats or YOUR boat ANYTIME - use your ramp, club, marina or pen.
Fully automated INSTANT 
BOOKING system  for your Skippers Ticket

***FAST TRACK - no huge groups of people - our most popular Standard Course takes only approximately 60 - 90 minutes to do your Skippers Ticket. If you find you have difficulty in any area the trainer will work with you for as long as necessary until you can fulfil the requirements to pass.

WE GUARANTEE we have trainers on standby EVERY DAY
WE GUARANTEE 100% of our students pass.
Boats in the water 7 days for:
Skippers Ticket Perth
Skippers Ticket Hillarys
Skippers Ticket Maylands
Skippers Ticket Mandurah

PERTH BOAT SCHOOL boats are available at:
Coogee, Maylands, Mandurah, Hillarys, Matilda Bay, Mosman Bay
(Book now using the online BOOKING system).

Book a Skippers Ticket course online NOW and we will send you extra study notes, a booking confirmation, trainers details etc...
AND - you can change it - again and again if you want - just tell us and we will do it.
FIRST - you study the FREE Workbook, then meet a trainer as per time and location you booked...EASY!!

Skippers Ticket training BEGINNERS is a specialty - see Platinum Course on the booking page. Boat handling lessons as well as the RST exams and assessments 7 days a week.

Faster and better than any other boat school. In the Platinum Course we train you one-on-one. No waiting around for other students in a group to finish.

You will be trained, do your theory and practical exam and you are usually finished in less than 3 hours. (easy online booking)


1) Book online now. Choose a time, a location,  Skippers Ticket course/assessment you prefer - and we will be there. Guaranteed*.

2) Obtain a Skippers Ticket Workbook and study it  (FREE WORKBOOKS - see below)

On the day/time you booked, meet the assessor/trainer at the boat ramp, do the Dept of Transport paperwork and the theory either at the waters edge or on the boat, then do the practical in the boat. Most people finish in approximately 90 minutes.


For your FREE copy of the Workbook mailed directly to you, call the RST Hotline on 9216 8966 or you can email

If you prefer you can download the Skippers Ticket Workbook PDF. Click on the image of the  workbook below. 



Book your  Exam date and time with Perth Boat School, get the Workbook and study it.

Study the Skippers Ticket Workbook over a few evenings at home, students usually pass the 30 multiple choice questions in less than 20 minutes. Many couples or families study and then do their Skippers Tickets together - 3 or more people in a group receive a discount on courses.(see Costs page)

Most people pass the theory exam on the first time. If however you dont pass, we will go over the areas you found difficult, then you try a second Skippers Ticket exam. If you fail the second attempt, we will again we go over and review difficult areas (each exam booklet has different questions) then you can try again. There are 5 different exam booklets, and you can do all 5 if needed. (Nobody has ever needed to yet...) That's FIVE TRIES - at no extra charge !!!!! Many other boat schools charge you extra for more than one theory attempt. With Perth Boat School, it is one fixed cost, and no matter how long you take, you WILL get your Skippers Ticket, GUARANTEED. We will train you and work with you until you reach the standard for the Skippers Ticket as set by the Department of Transport.

Once you have passed the Skippers Ticket Theory, you then do the Skippers Ticket Practical Assessment on the water.

Skippers Ticket Practical Assessment tasks are also explained in the - Skippers Ticket Workbook - see page 78. But dont worry, we will train you in each of the 11 tasks, one at a time, revising where necessary, then assessing you when you feel confident. 

Skippers Ticket Perth

Skippers Ticket WA

Skippers Ticket Hillarys

Skippers Ticket Course